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Margaretha Gieles

As a child I was hypersensitive to atmospheres and moods and sometimes I saw people that had passed away. In my youth the clairvoyance disappeared, but the clairsentience intensified. It remained a mystery what I had to do with it. It only bothered me and who could I talk to about it? I am talking about the sixties, seventies and eighties.

“For too long I’ve tried to hide myself, wanted to be normal. I am happy that I’ve reached an age where this is no longer an issue”

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Currently, you see a revival of interest in the spiritual side of life. You can find everything on YouTube or Instagram. I am very happy with this. Too long this side of life, the holistic spiritual approach of it, has been underexposed. And if there was any attention for it, it was ridiculed.

Let’s go back to the eighties. After 4 years of studying at the Brabants Conservatorium (1978 – 1982) and a few music studies on the side, it was time to give my life a big twist. I started working as a doctor’s assistant at an anthroposophist general practitioner’s. Whilst I was in the waiting room amidst the patients, I felt exactly what was wrong with them. My interest in the holistic approach to people and illnesses fascinated me enormously. This made me very happy! In the nineties I studied several years at the School of Classical Homeopathy. I am still a big fan of this fantastic healing method.

However, at a certain point, my psychic sensitivity became so intense that I had to learn to deal with it. I felt everything from everyone, so even having a glass of wine in the café was a burden. I felt all the pains and problems of the person that sat on the chair before me. So, I signed up for a three-year course at the NVGN in Amsterdam and there everything became clear. Finally, I started to understand myself. In 1995 I started my own practice.

My books

Next to my work as a medium and teacher CCD I am also an author of multiple books. These books can help you gain more insight into yourself or use it as a therapist to help your clients. You can buy my books through!

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