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You can visit my practice in Middelburg for a live consultation. If you live too far away, you can always suggest a telephone consultation.


During the first consultation I will tune in, look, feel and hear which information I can get about you through my paranormal perception. You can then colour a chakra diagram or draw seven cards. Based on the schedule or the cards I will read what is going on in your life at that very moment. After that you can ask me questions. The reading can provide insight into all kinds of things, such as personal processes, trigger points, talents, possibilities, high sensitivity, physical complaints etc.

I am regularly in touch with the deceased. The contact is always made by the departed and not the other way around. It is a pure and very lively contact (a vertical perception). It is never possible to get in touch with a deceased person on demand.

If you have a question about a deceased, may be the person that passed away spontaneously contacts me, but sometimes the deceased is not present, or another person appears for you. If I feel that your energy field / aura is out of balance, which can cause a variety of physical and / or mental complaints, I can bring it back into balance through an aura healing. I regularly work with a Classic Homeopath, Orthomolecular Therapist and Osteopath.

Gelieve bij verhindering minimaal 24 uur van tevoren afzeggen.

Live consultation € 70,-
Telephone consultation € 60,-                   
Workshops Chakracolourdiagnostics for therapists

For therapists who want to use the Chakracolourdiagnostics (CCD) as an addition to their anamnesis, I give workshops at: The Academie voor Holistische Geneeswijzen Terreel (; The Instituut CAM (; The Opleiding Hypnotherapie (

Workshop Colourtalk

With Colour Talk you can quickly gain insight into yourself. Draw seven insight cards from the deck and place them before you. Then look up the corresponding questions in the book and be surprised! Start a conversation with yourself and find out what the cards say about you. They can also provide insight into emotions, blockages, talents, relationships, work, etc.


Do you want to know where you currently need reinforcements? The power cards can give you much information.

If you work as a therapist or (child)coach, or you just want to have an in-depth conversation with someone, Colour Talk can help you ask the right questions. What otherwise might remain hidden, can become clear.

Paranormal evenings

On invitation I provide paranormal evenings for small groups (6 to 8 participants). Every participant receives a mini reading.

My books

Next to my work as a medium and teacher CCD I am also an author of multiple books. These books can help you gain more insight into yourself or use it as a therapist to help your clients. You can buy my books through!

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